Quickly draw group members' attention to things that need to be addressed through Tasks!

Setting Tasks:

You can set a task through a individual Tiles or through the left sidebar. 

  • Individual Tiles: select the grey "Tasks" bar below any Tile to begin.
  • Sidebar: select "Tasks" on the upper-left sidebar (checkbox icon) and then select "Add task". 

Both options will expand a pop-up menu depicted below:

1. Give the task a title.

2. Select a due date (it automatically sets to the day it is created)

3. Pick the priority of the task (ranging from low to urgent)

4. Enter the name of the person who is responsible. Start typing the name(s) and the system will suggest names from the list of existing members.

5. Select "Show more options" on the bottom right of the menu to dictate when the reminder email will be sent out to those responsible. 

6. Finally, click "Add task" and you're done!