Welcome to Kenja Rooms! 

Kenja Rooms is a powerful tool designed to be robust yet intuitive in providing solutions for your collaboration needs.

This guide should help explain the various elements of your Rooms Interface and show a simple example of what you can do in a Room.

Core elements:

Navigational elements are on the left side of the screen. Feel free to click and explore the various buttons to navigate about your various projects and content. Through the navigational elements, you can return to the room's home page, add tasks, files, and comments, manage the team's activity and calendar, as well as view the published sites (if any) from the room.  

View/ Sort Options: 

Choose the order of the contents within a room - arrange them by name, creation date, and more. Click on these menus to see the variety of options. 

Advanced Feature Tabs: 

Advanced functionalities such as brainstorm can be accessed through the advanced feature tabs on the bottom left corner of the window. 

Simple uploading and organizing guide

Alright, so now you have a blank Room.... now what? 

In summary: Structure, Upload, Organize, Collaborate

1. Set the structure for your Projects.

Kenja Rooms allows you to organize content into.... Rooms! If you already know how you wish to file your content or documents, by all means create as many subrooms as you want for each of these categories by following the steps below. Otherwise, simply follow the same steps and create an empty room to begin first. 

To get started, simply create a Subroom where you would like to file your Tiles into:

From either the green "Add" button on the left, or the black "Add" button on the right, if you are the Project Owner or have sufficient permissions, you will see the option to "Add sub room". The following interface will appear:

Fill in the blanks, and hit the blue button to create the sub Room.

2. Upload content:

Simply drag and drop your files into Rooms

A Tile with the File will be created and you can now sort these Tiles into Rooms or work with them. For more methods on uploading content or creating Tiles, do take a look at our Guide to Uploading and Content Creation

3. Organizing content: 

On the tile, click the options button at the top right as shown below and selected "Move to another room"

In the popup that appears, type the name of the Room that you wish to move it to. As you type, the system will search for the name and will suggest the complete name. Click on the suggestion that corresponds with your intended room and hit the blue button to proceed.

With this, you can move or copy individual Tiles into Rooms of your choice. Of course if you created the Tiles or uploaded the files in their respective Rooms in the first place, there would be no need to move these Tiles around. 

3. Collaborating 

Tiles allows you to View documents, comment on them, set tasks and other utilities to collaborate with. Please refer to our guide on What is a Tile?

With that, you are now ready to collaborate with Kenja Rooms! Feel free to check out our other guides available and if there are any questions, please contact us at support@kenja.com and we will get back to you asap.

Welcome Aboard!