Don’t forget to share the room if you want to let people access your room and collaborate in it.

In each Room, there is a share button besides the Room name, click it to open the Share settings dialog. Please note that you will only see this if you are the room owner or allowed to share a room


Click on the Padlock icon if sharing for the first time, displayed next to your room name. You will be displayed a new Dialog where you can add people from your organisation user directory. 

Start typing the group or person's name or email address to get a matching list of candidate/group names you can select from.

Select the role for the user or group added such as Editor or Viewer. See the Roles and Permissions Grid below for more details

Click “Save” to complete share settings at which point the room will be accessbile to all those that you have shared the room with.

Explanation of Permissions




Deputy Owner


View Rooms & Subrooms

View tiles

See Tasks

See Comments

Annotate files


Upload files


Download files


Leave comments

Move around tiles

Assign Tasks


Edit Tasks


Add Tiles


Add Subrooms


Copy Tiles


Move Tiles


Delete Tiles


Change share settings



Publish Room


Edit Room Info



Copy Rooms


Move Rooms



Delete Room




Change Room Owner






1. Deputy Owner:

A Deputy Owner is able to access all functions an Owner can do and has almost full control of the Room. This includes adjusting share settings, publish, upload/download, add and remove tiles/content/subrooms, tasks and comments. The only function a deputy owner can not perform is delete a room and change ownership


2. Editor

Editors can add and delete content and subrooms similarly to a Deputy Owner, and can assign and manage tasks. Editors do not have privileage to delete rooms, move rooms, edit room details and change ownership of rooms not owned by the editor.


3. Viewer

Viewers are allowed to view content in rooms and leave comments but can not add or manage content nor can they add or manage rooms.