Uploading Files 

Uploading files in Rooms is easy. You can simply drag and drop a file into a Room or into a Tile. If you drag a file from desktop into a room you will see the drop areas highlighted in blue as show below.

A file added to a room is saved into a new Tile that is automatically created with the name of the file. Once upload is complete the file added will be processed for use in rooms and include a large thumbnail as preview of the document's first or cover page.

Drag and Drop of files into Rooms is supported by all modern browsers namely Chrome, Firefox, Safari 5+ and IE 11+

You may also upload a file using the “+Add” menu in the Room Menu Bar or from the Tile Actions menu by clicking on the upper right corner of the Tile and selecting the “Upload new files” option.

Downloading Files

Files can be downloaded via several methods. The most obvious is to click on a file to open it in Rooms Viewer and from the Viewer window click on the Download File button to save to PC.

Another method is to click the action menu on the right edge of each file and select the Download file option

You can download file from the Details panel that is visible when you click on the container around the file identified by the blue highlighted region on mouse over.