You can setup external calendar sources in rooms to display events and appointments. Currently only Google Calendar is available but in future we will be supporting more calendars such as Exchange, Yahoo, SoHo etc.

NOTE: To setup an external calendar make sure that you have the correct connector setup in Remote Services Connection section of room settings.

Click on 'setup external calendars' link on the right hand side as shown in the illustration below.

You will see a dialog popup to add a new calendar, click the Add calendar button as shown in the following illustration

Choose a calendar available from your external calendar source, pick a color to represent the calendar events in rooms so its easily distinguishable. Click the Add button to complete this step.

You will see the calendar you setup list in the main dialog. Click the blue Add button in the main Dialog to complete overall setup. You will see the calendar entry display in the right hand pane and if there are events in this calendar they will be synchronised and start displaying in the rooms calendar area. You can edit or remove the calendar setup at any time by clicking on the 'setup external calendars' link.