The Home and Rooms view share a similar UI and navigation flow. The basic layout comprises of the tabs at the bottom that allow you to jump to specific items in rooms. The different categories are namely

  • Content (Rooms)
  • Tasks
  • Files
  • Comments
  • Activity
  • Calendar
  • Sites

Home View - Contents Tab showing list of Rooms

Rooms/Content Tab in Room 'Kenja Updates'

Tasks Tab in Room 'Kenja Updates'

Files Tab in Room 'Kenja Updates'

The Home Page and a Room Page has the same set of tabs to navigate between the different content items. The main difference is that Home collates all data across all rooms in your organization or team whereas the Room page only shows items from the Room you are in.

The main application menu can be viewed by tapping the burger icon on the top right of the application screen. A second tap will hide the menu.

Tap the Room Title bar to get options like marking Room as Favorite, Sharing the Room, Room actions such as edit, copy, etc and view the breadcrumbs allowing navigation to earlier rooms in the tree.