Walkthrough Steps for Google Chrome

If you managed to dis-allow permission to Kenja Rooms Brainstorm then follow the steps below to get Camera and Mic access working again 

While in a live Brainstorm click the camera icon in the top right corner next to the address bar as shown in figure 1

Figure 1 - Click the Camera Icon next to the address bar 

You will be shown a dialog with permission options (see Figure 2) to allow or block camera and mic access. Click the radio option to allow, press the finish button and refresh the browser window and rejoin the Brainstorm and you should have camera and mic access re-enabled.

Figure 2 - Permission dialog with radio option to Allow or Block Camera and Microphone.

IF you do not see permission to allow camera then you will need to go to Camera exceptions under Content settings of your Google Chrome browser.

Go to Settings in your Google Chrome and scroll down to show Advanced settings. Look for the Title 'Privacy' on the settings page and click the 'Content settings...' button. This will open up the content settings dialog and on that scroll down to 'Camera' and click the 'Manage exceptions...' button, see Figure 3

Figure 3 - Camera exceptions under Content settings Dialog

On clicking the Manage exceptions.. button you will see another dialog appear that shows a list of Hostname Patterns and permission for each host, see Figure 4. Scroll the list to find the entry app.kenjameeting.com:443 which will most likely be set as blocked. Delete that entry and click the 'Finished' button on all dialogs and return to the Kenja Rooms Brainstorm window/tab on your browser.

Figure 4 - Hostname Pattern and Behaviour list.

On the Brainstorm window/tab hit the refresh button to reload the page and you will be shown a dialog to allow permission to use camera as shown in Figure 6. Click the Allow button to get your Camera operational with Brainstorm again.

Figure 6 - Camera Permission Dialog on removal of Blocked exception of Camera under settings