Publishing a room makes the contents of the room accessible for those without access to the Kenja software. All you need to do is send them a link! 

1. To get started, click "Publish room" right next to the green "+Add" button on the top of the screen. 

2. If it is your first time publishing, select "Publish as a new site", which will produce a pop-up browser on which you can manipulate the specificities of the site. If you have already published the site earlier, but have added new tiles, subrooms, etc. then select "Update all sites". 

3. On the pop-up browser (depicted below), you have four section in which you can edit the published site. 

    a. Under "General", you can change the site's title, obtain the link for the site, and even determine how long the site will     be available. 

    b. Under "Appearance", you can edit the design of your newly created site. Kenja provides you with sleek, stylish                 templates as well as an option to include a site logo, site description, contact page, and change the text on the page.

    c. Under "Content" you can determine which content (if not all) within the Room you'd like to share on the published         site. By clicking the "+" button, you will see a drop down of all the rooms and tiles, and by checking or unchecking             some boxes, you can determine what the published site's viewer will be able to see.

    d. Under "Security", you'll be able to determine who will be able to view the site - anyone, people invited via email,             those with a password, or those who are logged into Rooms.

4. Finally, click "Publish", and you're done!

Here is an example of a published room in the "Subway" template. Note that you can change the background image to whatever you'd like, although we recommend files larger than 1920x1080.