You can use Tiles to store text, upload documents, hold mini discussions, and assign work to others. 

1. Give your Tile a name.

2. As the Owner of the project, when you mouse-over a Tile, your cursor changes to a grab-cursor (shown below) and you can rearrange the Tiles in the room to your preference. To do this, you must first sort the contents of the page by "Room's Order". 

3. Author/Creator of the tile: Click on the name of the creator of the tile to view their Profile. The timestamp next to it represents the time that the Tile was created, not when it was last modified. 

4. More Options

5. If there are any files uploaded to the Tile, it will look like this:

6. Tasks: More detail can be found here for creating Tasks, and here for more advanced Task Functions. 

7. Comments: Collaborate with other project members by commenting on Tiles. Every project member will be able to see it and reply. To leave a comment, select the Comments bar below the Tile, type your message into the text box, and click on the blue Add button. 

You can also edit, delete or get a direct link to a specific comment by clicking on the downward arrow to the right of the comment in question. 

If you want to learn more, click Here to discover the advanced features of Tiles!