In our What are Tiles Guide we gave a glimpse of the myriad of options that can be done with a Tile. Now the various functions shall be explained in detail.

First, the detailed menu can be accessed from the downward arrow on the top right corner of every tile. When you mouse over the final option "more..." it will expand completely rather than only showing the first six options.

1. Edit

Easily edit previously uploaded tiles. When you select "Edit" on the dropdown menu, you will have the option to update the Tile's title and content. Furthermore, you can select the "important" option to draw other group members' attention to the tile. 

2. Add files

When you select "Add Files" on the menu, the pop-up shown below will appear. Simply drag and drop your chosen files or select them manually from your computer/cloud-based services.

3. Add a New Document

This is a feature which allows the users within the room to work together on a communal Google document - rather than annotating them on the Kenja browser. The creator can name the document, dictate who gets access, and decide on the type of document (write, sheets, presentation) through the pop-up prompted by selecting "Add a new Google Document". Note that in order to take advantage of this feature, you must first give Kenja access to your Google account(s) through settings (accessed by clicking on your own name at the top right corner of the Kenja browser). 

4. Adding an existing Google Document or Onedrive Document is as simple as connecting your relevant online accounts to Kenja through settings, and selecting "Add an existing Google Document/OneDrive Document" on the dropdown menu. Having done this, you can simply select the file from your choice from either platform. 

5. Add online media

Add Online media to your tile, whether it be a relevant video or your favourite song. Simply select "Add online media" from the dropdown menu and type in a key word or URL into the textbox. Don't forget to hit save when you're done.

6. Add a website:

Adding a website is very much the same as adding online media. Simply click the "Add a website" option on the menu, type in your URL, and you're good to go!

7. Add task

You can also add a task through the drop down menu. Selecting this option reveals the task menu - for more information on how to navigate this, click here.

8. Get direct link

This function allows you to produce a link which takes you directly to this Tile. This is a great way of giving a fellow project member a shortcut to the most important Tiles. Simply select "Get direct link" and copy the link that is produced.

9. Copy to current room

Simply select this option in the dropdown menu, and a replica of the Tile will appear in the room.

10. Copy/Move to another room

Create a Tile in the wrong room by accident? Not to worry, you can easily move it to the room you want - just select "Copy/Move to another room", select the room you want, and hit select. If you "move" it, a copy of the Tile will no longer exist in the original room it was in, whereas if you "copy" it, a copy of the Tile will remain in the room that it was created in.

11. Delete

If you no longer want the Tile to exist, select "Delete" at the bottom of the dropdown menu.